Based in Chicago, Ready the Destroyer has entertained such notable venues as The Double Door, The Empty Bottle, Subterranean, and The Abbey Pub, while sharing the stage with amazing bands like Victory in Numbers, Team Band, The Frantic, Comasoft, The U.S. Bombs, Far From Finished, Settle, Bruiser, Fools and Horses, The Bomb, The Melismatics, International Espionage, Seven Day Sonnet, The Moves, The Assembly, and many many others. We've been guests on Q101's Local 101 program, competed in Q101 Jamboree showcase shows in front of judges, attracted local label interest, and built a following in nearby cities. Ready the Destroyer has performed ~100 shows across the mid-west including The Melody Inn (Indianapolis), The Firebird (St Louis), Vaudeville Mews (Des Moines), RME Performance Hall (Davenport), Otto's (Dekalb), but most importantly, we've made friends everywhere along the way.

Imagine a power that uses sound to create, manipulate, or destroy -- an entity for good or evil. Teetering on the edge of sanity and nearly impossible to control, this force can be seen as a weapon. And yet, to make it Through This Night and bring light to darkness, we have no choice but to Ready the Destroyer.

Ready the Destroyer is Neill Miller and Nicolas Lama.

This duo is focused on layering unique melodies on top of energetic and flowing soundscapes. Ready the Destroyer, best experienced live, explores every aspect of sound with the aim of stimulating the senses.


Neill Miller

Neill's been writing and recording original songs since 1993 on both Guitar and Bass. Starting with Piano lessons from a very young age and growing up around music and instruments, Neill's interest in writing and performance was piqued early. Born in the U.S., of Jamaican descent, his style varies widely and is reflected in various music projects that he's involved in. With a natural sense of melody, Neill's strength lies in layering and arranging guitar and vocal melodies that captivate a wide audience. Whether writing songs on acoustic guitar, or along with the full sonic assault of Ready the Destroyer, his experience in composition continues to shine, adding structure and familiarity where chaos once reigned.



Nic was born and raised in Bolivia until he found his way to Chicago at the age of 15. There, he played and performed music for 5 years before joining Ready the Destroyer -- where the hard working, energetic, and enthusiastic drummer finally found a comfortable home. His driving beats, strong sense of dynamics and rhythmic structure are a perfect match for Neill's unique melodies.

Nicolas Lama

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