Southside Blog Double Door Show Review 12-22-2010
December 2010

"Already working on a follow-up CD to current one, Division and Distance (read the album review in the 20 Dec 10 - CD Review blog), Ready The Destroyer gave the Double Door audience one heck of a mind-blowing experience of sight and sound. This local duo packed a powerful punch of rock music which was accompanied by a projection of random images running in sync with each song. SouthSide found herself drawn deeper into Ready's lyrics within songs like Perfect Blues and Disconnected (SouthSide's favorite) from the use of projected pictures. Plus the band's eclectic rock sound highligted the emotional and depth heard from Neill (front man on guitar) while on vocals. Hearing as well as seeing both picture and music gave this reviewer a clearer understanding ...more thought provoking vibe than simply listening to the songs off the CD. As she mentioned earlier - it was a mind-blowing experience and suggests that blogspot readers check out Ready The Destroyer in 2011. Visit or for more information." Southside.

Southside Blog CD Review 12-20-2010
December 2010

"This local duo, Ready The Destroyer, can rock any stage like a full 4 or 5-piece rock band with its loud guitar sound. Now they took that same vibe and placed it on a 7-track CD titled Division and Distance. SouthSide enjoyed RTD's rockin' cross of hardcore/pop-alternative music ...plenty of energy heard in each song throughout this CD with wicked crescendos off the guitars and smokin' hot drum rhythms. What she liked most about RTD's album was the personal yet heartfelt emotions put into the lyrics. At times, they read like sound words of advice (track 1 - Chance and track 2 - Boats & Bridges) meanwhile in other songs, this reviewer was reading pages out of Neill's (front man on guitar/bass and vocals) journal entries (track 4 - Disconnected and track 6 - Perfect Blues). One can clearly hear the frustration and/or anger emitted via the words from Neill's voice without having their ears drowned in hardcore screamo. Ready The Destroyer will be rockin' the stage at Double Door this Wednesday (Dec 22) as part of Window Licker's Holiday Show featuring Paragon, Without A Breath and Bruiser - it's a FREE event." Southside.

The Big Takeover Issue #67
December 2010

"Having liked these Chicago guys' debut Through This Night last year, the trio is now a duo, with star guitarist/singer Neill Miller handling studio bass ... I'm curious what it sounds like now when the pair play live with taped backing tracks of bass and keyboards, but studio-wise, RtD are even better! Unlike punk acts whose look and sound is tailored for Warp tours, Miller still rocks a supercool afro in the Oscar Gamble-era style, and there's nil sign of punk uniform in drummer Nicolas Lama. Likewise, the multiracial band bust a unique rock 'n' roll punk attack with Miller's also bad-ass, advanced, Greg Sage-like, speakers-filling riffing dominating another command performance. His songs, such as the riotous Wipers-esque standouts "Disconnected," "So Long," and "Perfect Blues," his committed vocals, and the pair's focused, hard 'n' heavy playing makes Division another hot half hour -- by two men smart enough to avoid the usual pitfalls." -Jack Rabid

The Daily Iowan
July 23, 2010

"Ready the Destroyer is not an ordinary punk band. While the duo does play the occasional power chord or basic rock beat, the two are not afraid to experiment with their music to create a spacy live atmosphere that has allowed the group to tour around the nation." By Jason M. Larson.
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July 08, 2010

Three-day festival to be final show at Mixtapes
Read about MixTapes (our favorite venue in East Moline, IL) who is closing up after we perform at a 3 day festival that they're hosting. It will be missed!


September 03, 2009

Click the above image to view a page from the Cityview (alt. weekly) newspaper in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo by Jared Curtis (Arts & Entertainment Editor for Cityview).


Fearless Radio: New Music Binge
May 13, 2009

Ready the Destroyer was featured live on the New Music Binge program of Fearless Radio on 05/13/2009. Download the podcast here!

(A mirrored copy of the podcast is also available here in case the original link fails)


Illinois Entertainer
April 2009

"Ready The Destroyer teeters on the edge of angular, dissonant indie rock, but never trips over the precipice on ... [Through This] Night. Guitarist/singer Neil[l] Miller always snaps the sweetness into place. He slides his sparkling guitar in "Lifeline" through a simple chord progression during the verses before unleashing a cathartic release in the chorus. The chunky rhythm and elliptical phrasing in the shimmering "Stalemate" snags your ear with a relentlessly catchy hook. (" -Patrick Conlan


River Cities' Reader
March 25, 2009

"The first thing to notice about the music of Chicago's Ready the Destroyer is that singer Neill Miller's guitar has a lot to say. Some guitarists are technically proficient, but the really good ones are able to give their instruments a voice. Miller's sings ... The instrumental interplay is where the band distinguishes itself, and it's hard to imagine any words or singing that could exude the joy and hope of the bright lead guitar on "Lifeline," which in tone and phrasing does its own little dance on the shoulders of the bass and drums." -Jeffrey Ignatius


The Big Takeover Issue #63

"This is punchy punk the way I've always liked it best: deft, well-played, melodic, and not the least bit simple. This multi-racial (hurrah to that!) Chicago trio work in a fair bit of '80s emo on their debut. too, so they sound younger, less "old school" '77 ramalama. Leader Neill Miller already sounded like a bad ass guitar guy (he plays circles around most) and ballsy singer long before I got a gander at his equally bad-ass afro out of The Mod Squad. Yowsa! Meanwhile, his nondescript looking rhythm section of Aaron Cleall bass and Nic Lama drums are no slouches in talent quotient, either, holding down a pulsing basis for Miller's stabbing, ripping leads and dangerous rhythm parts. Hard-hitting, serious, and smart, RtD are, like The Soft Boys, ready to destroy you". -Jack Rabid


Discover Sounds/Gajoob
November 6, 2008

"Ready the Destroyer is a Chicago-based 3-piece in the vein of Built To Spill, Dinosaur Jr, The Afghan Whigs, Fugazi while turning an ear toward Yellow Card, Green Day, etc. Neill Miller (vocal/guitar), Aaron Cleall (bass), and Nicolas Lama (drums) balance the nacent grit of furious rock with a direct melodic approach and build it to the gutpunch in these songs. This is definitely a band to watch out for. They've been honing their sound with solid local and regional shows with the likes of The U.S. Bombs, Far From Finished, Sybris, Venom Lords and Milk at Midnight. Their new CD, Through This Night, was released October 2, 2008 to loyal fans at Reggie's Rock Club and is now available at cdbaby and elsewhere everywhere." -Bryan Baker


LA Talk Radio
September 30, 2008

Troy's Room Radio: Stream or download a live interview that aired on 09/30/2008.